Portrait of “Mr James” by Layan.

Portrait of “Mr James” by Layan.


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London Academy : Art Department

I am spending a year working as a primary art teacher at the London Academy, Casablanca. The kids are amazing. We sometimes stick bits of paper on our noses - and then I get paid. Amazing.

I split my time between teaching art to primary students and Media Studies to High School (See Below)


London Academy : Creative Lab

I designed, project managed and project managed the new Creative Lab at the London Academy, Casablanca. It was wonderful to be able to connect so many disciplines which have been so close to my heart. I have been working with some wonderful practitioners and am proud of my involvement and contribution.


London Academy : Media Studies

This has been a wonderful project. As part of the Creative Lab - I was asked to produce the school program and build the department and related structures.

We went through various iterations in a short period. We found the use of discussion circles and group work a wonderful and important model for all students. We have been working on developing a culture of equality, kindness, respect and compassionate communication.

The students also study, 3d animation, film making, cinematography, digital music production, graphic design, stop motion animation, online publishing and digital painting.

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Educational Videographer (Various)

I worked on many projects as a videographer and editor. My work as facilitator has really helped when involved in these projects as i have experience on both sides of the lens.

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Art @ Work

I worked with groups of year 10 and 6th form students at BACA to teach animation techniques. Alex Buckley and I took over the students’ weekly art lessons, and began by exploring different animation techniques and styles with them. We allowed the students to experiment with in-camera production techniques, and then worked with them to assemble their trial animations afterwards. They also created their own animations using a family photo, or a series of photos that they curated and explored. The work formed part of their GCSE Art & Design course work.

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ESL Film Making Workshops

I have developed a rapidly deployable and flexible set of workshops which lend themselves to language learning. I would run these sessions in a variety of language schools as part of their summer programs.

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Language Studies International

I worked at LSI after getting my CertTesol from the TEFL Lab in London in 2009.

I was a regular contributor to LSI London, Cambridge and Brighton over a period of 6 years. It was here that I really got to develop my classroom skills.

I often have said that doing a Tesol or Celta is such an empowering thing to do. It teaches so many transferable principles whilst opening up options for working overseas with ease.

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Hampstead School : Media Studies & ICT

I was asked to leave my school at the age of 15 following a long period of difficult behaviour. It was a difficult time for the boy I once was.

20 years later, through some arguably improbable, fortitude, I found myself teaching media studies skills to the head of media studies and a small group of teachers in my old maths class. Before long, I was coming in to run sessions with GCSE & A Level students in the same classes where I spent my early adolescence.

I was asked back every year for a period 4 years at a certain date to help bring the students on track. This was a real highlight in my teaching career.

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Chiang Mai Ratchapat University

In 2016 I spent some time working as an EFL teacher for the faculty at Chiang Mai Ratchapat University.

It´s so interesting to me, as you jump in and out of different environments as an educator / facilitator. These were cool cats. Very sweet. English was really tough for them and the traditional teaching style in Thailand is quite formal, and as such, they were quite surprised by my “modern” approach to teaching. Fun.

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One to One Language Tuition

I like tutoring. You get to learn a lot about a person. I have been tutoring on and off for many years with all age groups.

I offer tutoring both in person and online and cover the following subjects:

  • English Language

  • Spanish Language

  • Photography

  • Film Making

  • Music


American Pacific International School

The American Pacific High School had created an Intensive English Language department (ILL) for students that couldn't pass the entrance exams for various reasons.

The ILL department had no syllabus. Myself and my assistant Sherry, spent the whole day, every day with the same group of 15 students who had mixed levels of language and ages from 8 to 16. We worked hard to build our own program yet the circumstances were inherently challenging. I worked with APIS for just 6 months and left due to fatigue.

The kids were great though, as always. Take a look at some of their work

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Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

I was a regular contributor at BACA working with small groups of teenagers to whom the the constraints of the traditional classroom was intolerable. I used photography, digital music production, animation and film making to engage, develop collaboration skills and develop a sense of voice.

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The Creative Cafe

I was a regular contributor to The Creative Cafe in Sussex. I worked in schools, science fairs and workshops.

These events combine careers advice pairing students with creative professionals. I would also use these sessions to run introduce young people to “vintage” technology and try to help us learn to question the benefits of the shifting landscape of these devices as they are presented to us.

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Silicon Beach Training / The knowledge academy

I worked as a freelance technology educator for The Knowledge Academy.

In these session I would teach mixed levels on the following subjects:

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • 3d Studio Max

  • Adobe Premiere

  • Final Cut Pro

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Online Training

I continue to teach online. My students range from English Language students through to Games Design sessions.

I continue to work with some students to whom I have been working with for many years. Harry and I, for example, have covered areas from script writing, stop motion animation, non Linear Editing, Graphic design and 3d modelling and animation.

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  • Harrys Youtube Channel


iPad Artworks

I always felt that the iPad was not utilised to its potential in classrooms. It has blown my mind what a dynamic set of multi-disciplinary tools this platform provides. We also teach families and schools how to use these tools as “production” devices as opposed to “consumption” devices.

In a single workshop, we can integrate a wide range of activities including the following:

  • Digital Painting

  • Stop Motion Animation

  • Music Theory

  • Digital Music Production

  • Photography

  • Editing


Brighton University

I felt like a break from technology and chose to spend 3 years covering myself in paint and dancing.

Whilst a student at University, I learned a great deal. I became extremely interested in process based practices. We worked on sculpture. developed performance skills. I wrote, directed, choreographed site specific performances.

Through the universities relationships with local schools I was also able to facilitate many external art projects.

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Nomad Land

Father or Brother, Son or Grandfather, Uncle or Friend; in this collaborative dance and film project a group of men from across the generations come together with Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival Resident Company Hofesh Shechter Company and student film makers to explore the energy and complexity of male relationships.

Inspired by Hofesh Shechter’s all male work Uprising the project will work with local men of all ages and abilities to create movement duets which choreographically and visually explore male behaviours, leading to a series of films exhibited at the University of Brighton gallery.

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Primary & High School Photography workshops

From 2010 to today I have worked with primary schools as a facilitator using photography in collaboration with various projects. Here, I was working at Moulscoombe Primary school in collaboration with The Keep, Sussex. Together we had students learn the principals of photography combined with “dressing up” in regalia and wardrobe from historical events.

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London Photo Tours

For a couple of years, I worked as a photography teacher running photography tours in London. Im pretty flexible at moving between skill levels and across platforms which is pretty useful when working with mixed age and skill groups.

This was a lovely time and we got to share lots of ideas and cultures whilst spending time in some of the most lovely parts of London.

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The Design Group / Majorfish

Ok, strange name. It was the early 2000s and everyone wore sunglasses indoors.

Here I worked as a producer of video, studio (product) photography and 3d animation (visualisation). These were the years when I was not really doing much teaching. The skills I was developing over this period went on to shape my future work as a digital art and technology educator.


Internet Exchange / Simply Internet

After working at the @Cafe for a year, I returned to London I worked with Robert Proctor at developing what was to become Europes largest internet “cafe” chain in the UK for 4 years.

During this time there was so much innovation and flexibility in our roles. I ran the design team and was heavily involved in the technical infrastructure of our location and network - however, the heart of my work was finding ways to make technology accessible to non-technical spirits.

As well as basic computer skills, we developed and taught programs on: Graphic Design, 3d Modelling and Animation, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director and Web Design. (Excuse the outdated tech!)

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@Cafe NYC

It all started in 1995. Well, kinda. in 1995, I was the manager of the @Cafe in NYC. That was fun. We were doing something new, something special. We were teaching people about this new and wonderful thing called - you guessed it. The Internet - (well the web, really)

I had been a bit of a geek and this was our moment. People would walk in from the street and ask “What can we do with this, erm, Internet thing"?” - My job was to show them - It was then that I became a teacher of technology.

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